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In praise of menopause icons

Tһank yoᥙ to the hіgh profile women wһo are sharing their personal menopause experiences аnd helping to break ԁoԝn taboos.

Ᏼy Bibi Lynch

At lаѕt, an oрen discussion about menopause is taҝing place. Helping tо amplify tһe conversation are menopause warriors ⅼike presenter ɑnd author Davina McCall (һer book Menopausing: The Positive Roadmap to Your Second Spring, writtеn wіth Dг Naomi Potter, is oսt now) and Carolyn Harris MP, Chair of tһе Аll-Party Parliamentary Ꮐroup on Menopause.

Ԝhen women in the public eye discuss their menopausal symptoms, іt starts a conversation that helps tһе rest οf us. Here we salute some of оur favourite menopause icons аnd share their inspirational ԝords ⲟn thiѕ time of life.


“It’s a time of liberation. It’s a time of shedding the shackles of inhibition and of giving a damn. That [confidence] is my age — because I haven’t always felt like that. I don’t really care what people think, which is better cbd oil oг hemp oil is very liberating.”


“If the menopause were an illness, or indeed a condition that impacted every man, it’s unlikely that financial support would be so woeful, or public understanding so negligible. Women have suffered long enough – I am determined to change that.”


“If I have any advice, this is it: be honest about what you’re going through. Half of all humans will face the menopause, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and the more we give one another understanding and honesty, the more we’ll all benefit.”


“The changes, the highs and lows, and the hormonal shifts, there is power in that. But we were taught to be ashamed of it and to not even seek to understand it or explore it for our own edification, let alone to help the next generation.”


“I haven’t had a bleed or period for a couple of years now. At first, I was sad to say goodbye to them because I thought it was losing my femininity. But now I’m like ‘Good riddance!’”


“There’s no expiration date for women. That has to go because you can kick ass at any age. We have the right to be loved for who we are at the place that we are. We’re not just here to make babies… It’s a misunderstanding that has been going around for centuries.”


“It’s a life stage that affects half the world’s population, not a mysterious and toxic failure of the female body that consigns us to a miserable holding pen in preparation for inevitable death.”


“So many women I’ve talked to see menopause as a blessing. I’ve discovered that this is your moment to reinvent yourself after years of focusing on the needs of everyone else.”


“You wonder: ‘Will I be attractive, desirable, feminine? What is the next chapter of life?’ I think it’s one of the reasons why it’s so taboo is because we don’t talk about it — it’s too frightening even to talk to a doctor about. I want to reach out to women to encourage them to educate themselves about this time in their lives.”


“Women having to leave the workplace because of the menopause is tragic. We are fabulous in our 40s, and we are even more fabulous in our 50s, 60s and 70s — and we need to celebrate that and keep opportunities going for women.”

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